by Bill Dempsey

To any child, anywhere, who has lost a parent...

God Bless You! I am so sorry. I hope these words about the special kind of love shared between a parent and their child bring you some comfort. You already know what loving a parent feels like but you don't yet know what it feels like being a parent and loving your child. So I would like to tell you about that so you can know of the most wonderful gift you brought into their life. And even if it only seems that it was for a short time, that doesn't matter, because that love filled their soul forever.

I know you feel a powerful hurt and emptiness and although the hurt is real, the emptiness is not. Just feel inside right now and you'll find their love is right there and it always will be right along side of your love for them. I know the hurt lives inside of you also so you must be strong and concentrate on the love you share. That is the greatest gift they have given you and no one can ever take that away from you.

As a firefighter and a father, I always knew that I could be taken from this world in an instant and my thoughts would always be about my children. So I know what your parent was feeling as they were taken from this life. They were thinking about you and how much they love you. They asked God to take care of you and help you be happy. They wanted to tell you how much they love you. They love you with the most special kind of love one person can feel for another person and that is the love of a parent for their child. More than anything they want you to be happy. So even though it will be difficult at times the best thing you can do for them is be as happy a you can possibly be. That will make them happy too!

Your friend,