by Bill Dempsey

Innocence, kissed my heart,
It will live within my soul while we're apart,
Be with you, everyday,
I will share your smallest wish and watch you play.

I thank God he chose this seed,
from me your life would start,
The blood I shed is your blood too,
cause my blood warms your heart.

Though I'm not there to hold you
when you fall and scratch your knee,
Just feel that heart I help to warm,
A kiss waits there from me.

I wish all people knew the Love,
the Love we're guaranteed.
The love our children have for us
to soothe our hurting need.

If they did I know I'd still
be with you today,
For if they knew, they'd know the Love
that we feel when we pray.

From Heaven I will see you
I will watch you and I'll know,
I'll see your interests changing,
I'll watch your body grow.

My soul will hear your laughter,
I will also see your tears,
Hold onto the Love we've shared,
it'll grow throughout your years.