To talk about himself, is not in his books, so I am honored to present to you Bill Dempsey, father of six, veteran firefighter of 33 years and also a working actor. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in a family of four siblings. As a young boy, his family settled on a farm in a small town, Jonesburg, Missouri. They lived there until a drought drove them from the farm. The family moved to the San Fernando Valley in California. He attended Canoga Park High School where he played baseball and football. After high school, he was drafted into the army. He was an amateur boxer for six years and spent his spare time hanging out at Malibu Beach surfing. He has been an agricultural field worker, a carpenter, a meat cutter and joined the Ventura County Fire Dept. He was recognized for his devoted rescue work and awarded Fireman of the year in 1978. As an off-duty fireman, he was also recognized for his rescue efforts by the Los Angeles Police & Fire Departments.

Bill and his wife raised their children in and around sports and the entertainment business, lots of dancing and music as well as acting. In between the hectic schedule, he coached baseball for eleven years often, two teams in a season. He is an MC for a popular children's fundraiser at Paramount Ranch and other charities as well. His acting career began about 15 years ago and he has remained in the business ever since appearing in both daytime and night time television shows. He has been in the Firefighter's Hunk Calendar but according to him, the most fun he has ever had in the business was doing the cover of Money Magazine because he got to do it with his wife, Linda.

The most recognized trait Bill possesses is his genuine love for children, witnessed not only by the fact that he has six children of his own but he has also been Santa Claus for friends and family on Christmas Eve for 25+ years. He looks forward to continuing his acting career because as he says "its just so darn much fun". But even more than that he looks forward to having a bunch of grandchildren to love. I guess you could sum him up as:
a firefighter at heart . . .
an actor by passion . . .
and a husband and father by "love".